Helping high achievers free themselves from overwhelm and self-doubt, regain their confidence to enjoy their success and thrive in life.

Do you believe that you need to work hard to achieve success?

But what if you are already investing more hours than anyone else?

Surrendering elements of your life to get ahead all the while experiencing overwhelm 

from fearing you are not enough or 

that someone will find you the ‘failure’ or ‘fraud’  you judge yourself to be.

It’s not about working harder but working smarter

I understand what this feels like having gone through it not once but many times………

Introducing Karen Barnes, head shot smiling

Hi I’m Karen

….. a high achiever and a recovering perfectionist. 

I remember being offended the day my colleague called me a perfectionist.

I was indignant, feeling that no one appreciated how much time and effort I put into things and how I overthought everything before taking action.

It did wake me up to the excessively high standards I had for myself.

Failure was not an option I cared to experience. 

Because I was always looking for the next challenge, wanting to expand my abilities and experiences, I often found myself learning new roles that challenged my confidence and highlighted my insecurities.

Being a woman in business, I believed if I didn’t take on everything that was asked of me, others would think that I wasn’t up for the job.

After experiencing overwhelm and burnout on more than one occasion, I started reading about coping strategies. 

But it wasn’t until I suffered a significant setback in my private life that I realised if I wanted to change, I needed to change the way I thought about life, which included examining my beliefs, limiting patterns and negative self-talk.

Can you relate to any of this?

Life doesn’t need to be a struggle.

If you’re tired of keeping up the facade to the outside world that everything is fine, while you are crumpling inside…..

Let me help you.

And together, let's begin the journey of building trust within yourself again that you have everything inside of you to create a life that is deeply fulfilling.

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