• If it wasn't for Karen, I am not sure what I would have done. I was going through a pretty nasty time when someone suggested I see her. Hesitant at airing my dirty laundry with a stranger, I met with her and never looked back. She is calm and wise and helped me be the power force in my life again, as a result my life is so much better. Thank you.

    Meg C - UK
  • When I think back of how I was feeling when I first started seeing Karen, I can’t believe how far I have come. From being completely stuck and frustrated to finding a new career path and loving my life. Karen has helped me take charge of what I want and how I want to feel. I am ever grateful!

    Belinda S - Sydney
  • Karen is amazing. She is patient, calming and gifted at what she does. She listens without judgment and is supportive and insightful. I have released the guilt that I was living with and now believe - I deserve a good life. Happiness is a new friend.

    Jacinta Q - Melbourne, (living in Singapore)
  • I began seeing Karen at a time when I felt my life was resonant with fear and anxiety. I was struggling with my day to day, from my professional life to my social life. I was in a rut that I didn’t know how to get out of and I was scared. I would constantly wake up with a feeling of stress and anxiety that I was unable to shake. I met with Karen once a week and I haven’t looked back since. I noticed a change within myself almost immediately. Karen spoke to me about everything I was feeling and she would teach me different tools and techniques to help me overcome those feelings. I was in awe of how well they worked. Not only did I feel like a different person, I began to feel confident and at ease again. I continue to use many of the techniques whenever I’m in need of a pick me up. Karen has helped me in ways I never thought were possible, I am now pursuing my dream job and am doing so with the utmost confidence which I owe all to her.

    Tania P - Adelaide
  • Karen Barnes is amazing and I highly recommend her. I have referred friends to Karen who have also been very happy with her. I’ve seen other professionals before, but Karen is the only one that has really helped me, with lasting results. She not only assisted me greatly with some extremely stressful family situations, but also at other periods when I didn’t realize that I was sabotaging my own happiness! The techniques and methods she uses have helped me change my behaviour and thought patterns which has been life changing for me!

    Deirdre D - Melbourne
  • When I first started seeing Karen I was going through a separation and felt very anxious and guilty. I found Karen to be encouraging, supportive and non-judgmental. She is easy to speak with and communication always flowed freely. I highly recommend her to anyone seeking self-improvement, especially self-confidence and self-esteem.

    Jenny H - Adelaide
  • I started working with Karen at a time in my life when I suddenly found myself in a rut. I wanted to work again but I was not looking forward to entering the workforce after such a long absence. We worked on a number of things that were getting in my way and she showed me how to focus on what really mattered. She was kind and supportive and within a short period of time I had a part-time job and have just started further studies in counselling. I have a much better handle on my life now and I continue to recommend her to anyone and everyone I come across.

    Beth - Sydney
  • I had wanted to change jobs for a while but after working with Karen, I was able to find one that I actually enjoy. She was able to tap into my creative side and as a result I do it everyday. I highly recommend working with her.

    Steve Y - Web Designer Singapore