Frequently Asked Questions

After our initial session where we discuss what you would like to achieve, we decide to meet either weekly, fortnightly or monthly at a mutually agreed time, usually for 60 or 90 minutes.

During sessions

I am flexible and ready to explore challenges or situations you are facing or whatever it is you need to talk about.   An active and involved listener, I ask questions that encourage you to be open to different perspectives and new possibilities.  Providing a supportive and non-judgmental space, as I believe it is imperative for the coaching process to be effective.   In between our sessions, I am available via email, text or phone.

My approach is to help you work through internal obstacles that may be keeping you from achieving the life you desire.  Also, to identify your strengths and innate abilities. You will discover and harness your inner resources to deal with life’s challenges and live with greater clarity and purpose.

It varies but can include:

  • Removing blocks and fears that stand in the way of an enjoyable life or a particular goal
  • Releasing panic and anxiety
  • Understanding procrastination and ways to move through it
  • Creating boundaries to reduce unnecessary fatigue or stress
  • Balancing work and personal life
  • Identifying and controlling negative self-talk and sabotaging behaviour
  • Improving relationships
  • Finding one’s ideal work or life purpose
  • Career objectives, finding direction or development
  • Learning to manage change through transition
  • Increasing confidence and enhancing self-esteem
  • Understanding oneself better and what makes one happy

Everyone is different, so the length of time varies.  It depends on the person and what they want to achieve during the process. The most change I see comes from individuals who commit to weekly or fortnightly sessions over a couple of months.  Many clients find the process more helpful than they first anticipated and stay with it longer as they continue to feel the benefits in their lives. It really is a commitment to supporting yourself to grow and finding the space to evolve.

A good client-coach relationship is essential for positive change.  There needs to be mutual respect, and you need to feel understood, supported and encouraged.   That is why I recommend the free, 20-minute consultation where you speak with me with no obligation to continue, and decide if we could work well together.

Sessions are held in person, via Zoom or phone. 

I live in Adelaide Australia, but communicate with clients from other states and countries via Zoom.  All that is required is a good internet connection. 

Payment is required in advance of the session. Sessions are payable by cash or electronic bank transfer.  Tailored packages are available to make your sessions more affordable.

I have been coaching and mentoring for over 17 years, and have been working for myself for the last seven years.  I hold an Honours degree in Psychology, have been trained and certified as a Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) practitioner and Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) practitioner, a Strategic Intervention Coach and Breakthrough Specialist.  My most important and extensive training has come from my life experience.  I have lived and worked across Australia, New Zealand and Singapore and have gained a wealth of experience working with people from different cultures and backgrounds.

My clients are from different demographics.  I specialise in working with women, but I have worked with women and men of all ages.

You click on the link to book in a time for us to connect. I offer a 20-minute complimentary consultation so that you can meet with me and discover if we can work together.

I look forward to hearing from you.

I can bring a different perspective to your path, and I have a unique ability in illuminating hidden talents and gifts.  My clients often say that I have a knack for getting to, and focusing on, underlying issues.

While my life has been full in many ways, I realised that I would play it safe in certain areas due to limiting beliefs I had about myself.  When it came time to face this, I went months not knowing why I couldn’t move forward.  The frustration was excruciating. When I help you, I come from a place of having experienced these obstructing feelings.

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