Woman smiling at her computer as she has improved her confidence

5 Tips To Radically Improve Your Confidence

Improve your confidence with these tips

Do you suffer from a lack of confidence?


Are you worried about what other people think of you?


So much so that you would rather not take any action at the risk of being criticised or judged as not good enough?


I have been there, too, especially when I was about to start something new and unfamiliar.


I don’t know anyone who hasn’t doubted themselves at some time or another.


And while it’s a common human experience, often there to protect you from unnecessary risk or possible future humiliation, it doesn’t have to stop you from enjoying your life.

Next time your doubt overshadows your confidence don't just give into it.

Here are 5 tips to let go of the doubt and increase your confidence

1. Be kind to yourself.

You now know it’s a shared experience among humans.

So next time it shows up, recognise it’s the voice of fear, trying to keep you safe in its own weird way and show yourself some compassion.

2. Challenge the doubt.

Who says it’s true?

Maybe you couldn’t do it years ago, but things have changed.

You have the experience, education, or talent now; however, you are still living with the old stories about yourself.

What if you have everything you need to take on the new role, relationship or business.

Or at least enough to make a great start.

3. Keep the focus on your lane.

Sometimes we become too preoccupied with what others think about us.

But the truth is, they don’t think about us as much as we believe they do.

People are much more concerned with themselves and their own life.

So direct your attention to what you are doing.  And refuse to get distracted.  

4. Make your goals, purpose or mission bigger than your fears.

Having a clear sense or reason for moving ahead will be the beacon lighting up your path through the fog of fear.

It will give you the courage to stand up and move through the fear of failing, allowing you to take action despite your doubts.

(So write down your goals, purpose or mission and place them somewhere you can see them daily) 

5. Acknowledge your actions, celebrate your successes and watch your confidence grow.

Confidence is built by increments.

It’s about acknowledging your daily efforts and successes, especially in the face of fear and patting yourself on the back.

This last tip is the one I find most people struggle with, but it is one of the most important.

You want to let your unconscious mind know that you are making progress, and the more you feel what it’s like to be successful at what you set out to do, the more your mind will deliver.


Taking action despite your fears increases your self-confidence, diluting your doubt.

Courage is a conscious practice; the more you act with it, the braver you become.

Women smiling at her desk because she has improved her confidence

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