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4 Powerful Questions Reveal Why You Are Sabotaging Your Success?

Do you ever feel like you are sabotaging your success?

Maybe you arrive late to work meetings, miss important deadlines, or find it difficult to speak up for yourself?

Consciously you may know where you want to be and what you want to achieve, but your unconscious actions keep tripping you up.

While these behaviours may have helped you adapt to challenging situations in the past. They are now sabotaging your results, making things difficult for you.

So what’s happening?

It’s essential to keep in mind that all our behaviours serve a purpose.

Though you might be thinking, how does procrastination or not showing up when I need to, be serving me?

At some point in your life, you may have decided or received a message from your environment that it wasn’t safe to succeed or go after your goals because it meant uncomfortable consequences.

And while these conditions may have occurred when you were younger; Your unconscious mind continues to direct your actions with these same commands, to keep you safe.

How to reveal the reasons behind the sabotaging behaviours?

Here are 4 questions to ask yourself.

I suggest you grab a journal or piece of paper and get comfortable.  

Take a few deep breaths and write down your answers.

This will let you reflect and gain greater insight into your thought processes.  

Helping you get to the root of your fears.

1. What might happen if you achieved success?

Imagine your life having achieved your goal.

How might your life change? What you would you lose as a result?  What would you gain.

2. How would others react to your success?

How might the people in your life react to your new success, directly or indirectly, and in turn, how would that affect you?

3. What would happen if you failed?

What does failing mean for you? others judge or criticise your results?

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4. What are the benefits of not succeeding but staying where you are?

Once you are finished, read over what you have written, reflect and sum up in one or two sentences.

Can you see how these behaviours might be keeping you safe in an unusual kind of way?

By digging a little deeper, you can find the source of your fear and how your unconscious mind is really trying to keep you safe, whether that’s safe from the consequences of success or possible failure.

Finding out why you are conflicted about being successful, you will be able to neutralize and resolve your fears, updating your beliefs.

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